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Leanne's Testimonial

After years of wanting my eyebrows permanently tinting I decided to just go for it! I’d already heard of Lisa through high recommendations from friends who have had theirs done with her so I didn’t think twice about contacting her.

When I got to my appointment Lisa was really lovely and gave me confidence by thoroughly talking me through the procedure. She initially ‘drew on’ my eyebrows which I absolutely loved the shape she had given me and then we looked at what sort of shade of brown would look best on me. She applied the anaesthetic cream which started to work pretty much straight away.


The procedure was a little uncomfortable but not painful. They looked a lot darker when she had finished but she explained to me that this was normal and that they would fade dramatically within a couple of weeks. I went back for a second application a few weeks later and now they look amazing! I absolutely love them! I just wish I’d of had them done sooner.

As daft as it might sound, Lisa has given me a new found confidence! I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of having semi-permanent make up done as not only is she a true professional but a really lovely lady too. Thank you so much Lisa!

Leanne McRell


Liz’s Testimonial

It took a lot to pluck up enough courage  to contact Lisa to discuss having my eyebrows Permanently Tinted. I feel it is the fear of the unknown as I'm not a fan of tattoos and all I've ever heard is the pain makes them feel good!  Lisa is a fully trained beautician, and is specialized in  'Permanent Make-up.' This is very important to know when choosing the right person for the job.  

Why I took so long to make up my mind I'll never know! She has a very calming voice on the phone and that was enough for me, she was so lovely that I knew there was no turning back, she told me much about the procedures and there certainly wasn't anything to worry about. I met Lisa at the next available appointment having been prepared by the information she sent me through the post.

The Salon was  welcoming and Lisa explained everything  step by step. I'm being truthful when I say at the beginning  there was no pain just a little discomfort. The anesthetic cream soon worked and I was settled and  relaxed.

The outcome was thrilling, being so fair I've wasted years drawing my own  wonky eyebrows  when all along I could have looked beautiful  much sooner.! Now my creases  are distracted by two  beautiful permanently tinted eyebrows.  I have always looked after my skin and now I am encouraged to experiment with  different make-up, they really  look smashing!!

Thank you so much Lisa, I now have a spring in my step and feel good about myself, in fact because the brows are so neat I look in the mirror several times a day just to check they really are real. A lot of my friends who knew I was having them done at last, have made encouraging comments about my brows,  and more confident about myself.

Lisa has  given me a purpose in life. I just LOVE them.

Liz Burney

Rosie’s Testimonial

I first experienced semi-permanent brows about four years ago. I researched local therapists on the internet and came across Lisa Twigger. I have to be honest and say that the cost put me off; it was just not an option for me at that time. However I did find a local therapist charging approximately half what Lisa was charging so went with that one.

Having had tattoos on various parts of my body I thought I knew what to expect. I was expecting it to be painful and indeed it was. I came away feeling very sore but pleased that I had brows again.

Initially I was happy, but as time went on I realised that my brows were very red in colour even though my hair is dark brown. I also was unhappy with the shape of

them. It got to the point where I was very self-conscious and hid my eye area where possible.

I began to consider having my brows redone but was put off by the pain I experienced last time. I was of the opinion that pencilling them was a pain but at least it didn’t hurt.

I saw an advert for The Beauty Spot Clinic and saw that Lisa Twigger carried out consultations there. After doing some more research on Lisa’s web site I saw that

she used anaesthetic during her procedures and this gave me the confidence to get in touch with here via e-mail and ask her advice. She e-mailed me back and I booked a consultation.

At the consultation I was immediately put at ease and reassured that she could help me. Lisa is very professional and seemed genuinely interested in making things right for me.

I took advantage of the two top-up procedures included in the fee, having the brows thickened on the first visit and some extra hair strokes added at the second.

Immediately after each procedure I felt a tightening of the brow area as though I was frowning. This was easily remedied with a cooled eye mask. Following each visit

there was a little scabbing but my brows were completely healed in less than a week.

Thanks to Lisa I now have hair-stroke brows in a lovely shape which often attract comments from people I meet. I’ve been asked by shop assistants “where do you

have your brows shaped? They are really good.” I’m pleased to tell them about Lisa Twigger and invite them to look closer.

I’m happy to recommend Lisa to anyone, and whilst she is not the cheapest therapist you will find, please don’t let that put you off because her work is worth every penny.


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